MPlegal is a niche technology law firm; Our fields of expertise encompass all legal aspects of Information Technology, Data Protection, Telecommunications, Intellectual Property and the greater Internet. In addition to representing numerous technology companies, we have established our firm presence in the field through academic and research activities, as well as, regulatory work both for the Greek government and at EU level. Our team’s in-depth experience warrants to our Firm’s clients a comprehensive, informed and multi-layered level of services.

Other areas of our expertise include the real estate and the marketing sectors. MPlegal represents major players in Greece within both fields, has carried out significant projects and has acquired substantial experience both with regard to legal consulting and business development.

In all its fields of practice MPlegal has established pro bono policies for startups, academic institutions and foundations.

Our Law Firm takes pride in providing its corporate clients with comprehensive, personalized, hands-on services, assisting them to develop their business and level of services, with the ultimate aim of securing a competitive advantage in the Greek market and abroad.



MPlegal was established, first as PKpartners Law Firm, in 2006 with partners Dimitra Markopoulou and Vagelis Papakonstantinou.

In 2012 it changed its name to ‘MPlegal – Markopoulou-Papakonstantinou and Associates Law Firm’, and Vassiliki Tsoukala joined the partners’ team.